1. R

    Examcrackers Set For Sale

    Looking to sell the entire set for $125 with shipping. All books are lightly used with NO writing. The Physics book has slight water damage in the lower right corner, but all pages are completely readable and I will send pictures if you ask. Books included: 1. Examcrackers 101 Verbal Reasoning...
  2. A

    How much did your MCAT scores improve?

    I'm scheduled to take the MCAT September 1st, which means I have roughly 4 months to study for the exam. I haven't started any MCAT study as of yet. Im going to do a few weeks of self studying starting tomorrow and do the princeton review ultimate in class course next month and complete a few...
  3. S

    Buying MCAT full lengths

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase MCAT Full Lengths. I'm interested in NextStep and ExamCrackers. PM me if anyone has any for sale! Thank you!
  4. XWolfX

    TBR, EK, and TPR recent versions

    I am looking for: TBR General Chemistry TBR Organic Chemistry TBR Biology TBR Physics EK Biology EK 1001 Series EK Verbal 101 TPR Hyperlearning Workbook or TBR Verbal
  5. M

    For Sale MCAT Books (Kaplan/EK/BR)

    Hello selling the following listed below EK 2015 [FULL SET] asking price ~$50 obo BIO GEN CHEM PHYS OCHEM VR Kaplan 2016 [FULL SET] asking price ~$100 obo BIO BIOCHEM GEN CHEM OCHEM HIGH YIELD PROBLEMS CARS 2012 editions of BR (GenChem/Bio/Physics) ~$25 obo Princeton Review Hyperlearning...
  6. medicalat

    Need The Berkeley Review (TBR) MCAT 2015 books and Exam crackers

    I'm interested in TBR and Exam Crackers MCAT review books (new, updated for 2015 sets only). I don't mind if they are somewhat used/have markings in them but obviously cleaner versions preferred. I can meet up in Vancouver to pick up or paypal
  7. I

    EK scores

    What is the general consensus on a good score for EK exams? I found the 1st exam quite difficult.
  8. C

    MCAT Examcrackers and Kaplan unopened

    I am looking to sell unopened Examcrackers and Kaplan MCAT book sets. Recently decided I was not cut out to be a doctor so I have no need of them. Obviously both include the online portion because they are in the package still. Both are the newest editions for the new version of the MCAT. I...
  9. L

    For Sale The Berkeley Review 10-Book Set (2015)

    Selling The Berkeley Review 10-Book Set (MCAT 2015 Edition) for $350 (OBO) + shipping out of CA. Disclaimer: The General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry books have writings on their very first chapter. All other pages in there and the rest of the books are essentially brand new-- Will also...