1. Folkvang

    Exotic Animals clinical studies

    Hello folks! Are you guys interested in exotic/wild/birds medicine? I'd like to propose with this tread a discussion, a provide a place to discuss materials, procedures and all related to this fascinating area of Veterinary. And to start, what is a must have book to exotic animals students?
  2. GoPackers44

    Should I go on this trip?

    Hello all, As my first post, I wanted to ask for the advice of my peers on a decision I am trying to make. To sum things up: I have been accepted into a spot to go on a veterinary "mission" to an exotic animal sanctuary, where dental work will be performed on several captives and a couple of...
  3. FindingGerald

    Efficient timeline for Zoo Medicine?

    Hi, I'm new to the boards here and am an aspiring Zoo Veterinarian, basically I would love to work with exotic animals, preferably mammals and marsupials, in a Zoo setting or something like SeaWorld if I was to go into the marine mammals area. That's my primary goal - though I'm open to other...
  4. J

    Experience Abroad

    Hello everyone, I am a BS. in Biology Sophomore, and I live in NJ. I wanted to know any suggestions /advises from my fellow pre-vet students. I want to concentrate in wildlife/exotic but here is very rare to find a wide range of experience. This is why I was considering doing a semester abroad...
  5. possumking

    Wildlife Vet?

    Hi I'm currently a sophomore in college, taking general courses and I'm interested in becoming a wildlife vet, and i was wondering what steps i would need to take to get there? I've done some research but have gotten mixed results. I currently reside in NJ. Thank you!