1. Crude

    Realized Mcat is expiring this cycle, need to apply now. Is my gameplan good?

    So I had always thought that Mcat scores can be used for 3 years (MD/DO) but recently became aware that is not entirely true. Depending on the school's policy, to the date vs. matriculation date vs. time to application. Assumed it would be the date you submitted your app since that is when...
  2. D

    Retaking MCAT for Expired Score

    Hello! I originally applied during the 2016-2017 cycle which landed with 3 WLs. I am going to wait another year before re-applying to boost my clinical/shadowing/volunteering experiences. HOWEVER, I took the new MCAT in August 2015 and scored a 515 (128-127-130-130). This score would be...