explanation statement

  1. alexisxdawn

    VMCAS Explanation Essay

    Hey all! I'm Alexis, 23 y/o female, Florida resident, first-gen low-income first-time applicant, Stetson University C/O 2020 B.S. Biology, minor in Chemistry. I know I want to apply to University of Florida (in-state), but I'm not sure where else would be smart to apply to... but that's a...
  2. dragonfroot

    Should I even bother writing an Explanation Statement?

    Hi all, I am a brand new member here and am currently applying for 2019 admission. So, my situation is this: had zero goals in undergrad, as a result got some pathetic grades (lowest was D in orgo 1) and a couple of W's. After graduation, finally decided that vet school was my goal. I took...
  3. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    Does this sound like an excuse?

    On the background section of ADEA AADSAS, they ask: "Has your education ever been interrupted or affected adversely for reasons other than deficiencies in conduct or academic performance?" I indeed suffered from serious illness over two months. I wrote: "During the Fall 2014 semester, I...
  4. sheltermed

    VMCAS Explanation Statement format

    Hello! I have a question about the VMCAS Explanation Statement section. Are we to write this like another essay? Or is something short (as possible) and sweet acceptable? If you have past [preferably successful] experience with this, please let me know how you wrote it! Thank you :)