1. D

    Externship Anki Deck - Topics to include?

    Hello everyone! I plan on making an Anki Deck at some point in the future once life gets a little more settled down. I was just curious what topics you all think I should include that could help you brush up on things, such as anatomy, instruments, and other potential pimpin' questions. Once I...
  2. New_Vegas

    Question about orthodontic externships

    So all I could really find about this was old or incomplete information. So I figured I'd ask here. I have 3 questions. How important are externships for ortho applications? How long do orthodontic externships usually last (1-2 days, or more?). How do you go about setting these up with...
  3. I

    Externships during clinical year - how to choose?

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread. I am new here and really in need of some advice. I have asked multiple professors and I know no one person can give me an answer. I have to make the decision myself. I am feeling so much pressure of the experiences during clinical year to prepare me for...
  4. C

    Mission Trip or OMFS Externships?

    Hello, I am a third year dental student and I am interested in going into Oral Surgery. I have done two externships at programs and they were both hands off experiences. I am planning on doing more externships, but I am wondering if a mission trip is worth it for the experience? There is a...
  5. goodvibes27

    Externship question

    What visa does a non-US IMG require to do a internal medicine or family med externship? If you’ve done an externship and are a non-US IMG, your input would be invaluable to me. Thanks!
  6. Asclepius293

    Cut Summer

    My school just reduced our summer from 12 weeks to 9 weeks in order to start 4th year 3 weeks earlier for more residency application time and earlier elective rotations. Do any current 4th years see a benefit to this? I feel like I’m losing out on a full summer with externship/life experience...
  7. H

    Future externship question

    Hi- I was wondering how many externships typical PhD/PsyD students complete before applying to internship? Some program's I see have students in externships Y2,Y3,Y4 but others just Y3,Y4. Why is that? Are the programs with just Y3,Y4 at a disadvantage? Thanks!!
  8. G

    GPR externship

    Current D3, not looking to specialize but itching to get more hands on experience other than clinic work at school. Anyone find any good programs or a have a good list of programs? Or would it just be better to apply for OMFS externships? I'm just getting bored over here haha I know UT- San...
  9. roblaur

    Recommendations for Private Practice Internships

    I'm currently a second year veterinary student, and I'm starting to figure out where I want to do externships. I want to do a SA rotating internship in private practice after I graduate, so I want to do externships in practices I am considering for internships. I know there are a lot of poor...
  10. A

    Before applying for a USCE/rotation/externship through MedClerkships, come here.

    I am an IMG, who recently undertook a 4-week rotation through MedClerkships (www.medclerkships.com) If you are planning on applying through them, I honestly, wholeheartedly suggest otherwise. Whoever is genuinely interested in why I feel so, please feel free to contact me through this website...
  11. DoctorWho92

    Externship Advice

    I'm a current vet student at U. of Florida. In the summer between our 3rd and 4th year (summer 2017 for me) we are allotted time to schedule externships. I'm interested in externships dealing with small animal surgery and physical rehabilitation. There are so many specialty clinics that I am...