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    Question about Eyeglass Prescription

    I had an eye exam appointment this past Tuesday. The OD said that my prescription would be emailed to me. A few days went by and I did not receive it. I called multiple times asking for the prescription, and they kept saying that it would be sent to me soon. They finally sent it to me only after...
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    Eye fatigue after carving?

    I thankfully passed my last carving exam a while back, and just wanted to get your opinions on this. Did anyone else get somewhat disoriented/blurry/drowsy after carving or was it just me? Actually, focusing on anything tiny or precise for over 20-30 minutes has a similar effect. Is it my...
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    Advertisement Smart Optometry - smartphone/tablet app for eye care experts

    Hello everyone, I am sharing with you a project me and my team were working on for quite some time: Smart Optometry app for eye care professionals. It includes 16 (Android 15) eye tests with an interactive spin. They are not simply static tests from the paper put on the screen, but rather...