fall grades

  1. S

    Question: Independent study for Fall Semester Coursework

    I have been offered a chance to do another independent study for med-chem research in the fall and I am curious about what implications this might have on my application update at the end of the semester. I only have a 19AA, so I am assuming my fall semester will be finished prior to any...
  2. TalaDuShrrg

    Deciding to update fall grades

    I've just gotten my fall grades, and my GPA has gone up a little but not a huge amount (3.85 to 3.9). I've already sent update letters to schools that accepted them, and no school has specifically asked for fall grades. Do you think its worth it to send them a copy of my transcript? Or are they...
  3. L

    Fall Grades Update

    Hi All, So I applied this cycle, interviewed at my state school and Louisville, waitlisted at Louisville and heard nothing back from my state school (Uni of Tennessee Health Science Center/UTHSC). From what I've heard they start making the waitlist in January. Now my question is, I made...