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Jun 25, 2016
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I have been offered a chance to do another independent study for med-chem research in the fall and I am curious about what implications this might have on my application update at the end of the semester.

I only have a 19AA, so I am assuming my fall semester will be finished prior to any interviews.

The independent study would be a 4 credit course through the chemistry department. To take the course, I would have to drop another 4 credit course (Non-science).

I have also taken 2 other research based independent study courses. I feel like independent studies may be viewed as easy-As, but this really hasn't been the case. For my previous courses, I had to spend a minimum of 8 hours a week in the lab along with literature reviews and write ups on my work. I was also graded on several poster presentations and my lab notebook.

Any thoughts? How might Ad-comms view this?
Jul 10, 2014
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I say if you want to take it then take it. :shrug:
I took a 1 credit one and loved it. Was in the lab at least 5 hours a week. It was awesome! Kind of sucks I can't really put it as research but it was great experience for me.
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