1. S

    FDA APPE Rotation 2019-2020

    Hey everyone, I made a FB page for those who got an APPE rotation at FDA next academic year (2019-2020). (https://www.facebook.com/groups/681811828882899/) And wondering if anyone has any advice for housing, transportation, and etc. for Silver Springs, MD? Also my rotation is late Sept-early...
  2. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Do you think compounding pharmacists should have to send out samples for testing before dispensing?

    We learned some interesting things in class today that occur prior to a new drug being released on the drug market, and I found it crazy how there's a whole 10-20 year process involving pre-examining, testing on animals, more examining and trials, all leading to the last step which is to test...
  3. P

    FDA Pharmacy APPE Student Rotation

    Has anyone heard back from the FDA APPE rotation for 2018-2019? I am just trying to figure out a general time when I will hear back.
  4. O

    NON-PPS Fellowship programs?

    Hello All, As we may or may not know. Most fellowships and residencies are apart of the "PPS" Personnel Placement Services of ASHP Midyear.. I wanted to create this thread to hopefully get some fellowship programs which are "non-PPS" (which do exist...) meaning we do not need to participate in...
  5. biDOC

    FDA Concerns over TIRF-REMS and Rethinking Access Program

    *TIRF-REMS = Transmucosal Immediate Release Fentanyl - Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy ^Patient, Provider, and Pharmacy is required to register with TIRF-REMS Access Program (e.g. Abstral, Actiq, Fentora, Lazanda, Onsolis, Subsys) FDA rethinking TIRF-REMS* after nationally renowned...
  6. A

    FDA Pharmacist Pay Scale

    Hey there SDN, Anybody here on the forums know the approximate pay for a FDA pharmacist working at CDER or in their drug information or OPDP division? A google search & USA Jobs search turned up that they start at GS-12, which can vary from $62k to $80k, with an additional 24% bump in cost of...