FDA Pharmacy APPE Student Rotation

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Dec 7, 2017
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Has anyone heard back from the FDA APPE rotation for 2018-2019? I am just trying to figure out a general time when I will hear back.

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Hi. My school has been hearing back since mid-December!
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Hi. Does anyone know if all offers would be sent out by now?
My school told us that all offers would be sent by Feb. 28 the latest.

Is it acceptance offers or do you mean rejections? I thought all acceptance offers would be sent out around now and rejections around end of February? Correct me if I am wrong.
Hi guys-- i think it depends on whether or not you yourself applied to the program OR through your school's rotation director. For me, my school's director applied for me and I got my acceptance a week ago via email from the site I applied for, so the timing you receive an email depends on your preceptor as well. There will be acceptances going around until mid-end Feb. and as far as I know (from the email from FDA), students who are NOT accepted will NOT be notified separately but as a group/list provided from the FDA to the rotation director of your school. I hope this helped!
Thanks... I'll just continue waiting. I'm hoping for the best :)
I found out that I got accepted in middle January. I might start a facebook group if nobody has started one yet!
I got my acceptance on 2/5/2018
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new group! I can't post the link because I don't have enough posts, but go to facebook and search for: FDA PharmD Students: 2018-2019