1. D

    UCLA vs. Northwestern

    Help please! Which one should I pick! Love the vibe at NW and was super set on it until getting off the waitlist at UCLA. I am from the east coast so UCLA is FAR. Super torn still waiting to see if UCLA gives me any financial aid.
  2. I

    Mayo (MN) v Northwestern

    Hey y'all please help me decide!! Mayo Pros: -#1 hospital in the country -Great for speciality residencies (I’m thinking surgery) -Culture is great, very focused on developing holistic well rounded physicians -basically 1 on 1 student to faculty attention Cons: -Location (I’m a city...
  3. S

    Columbia vs Northwestern

    Longtime lurker, finally made an account to ask this. Columbia + NYC Northwestern + Chicago Location is not a big deal for me, but I am open to opinions about Chicago vs NYC. Diversity is important. CoA is not a factor. What else should I consider? Thanks in advance!
  4. ddalkisand

    Chicago Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine Housing

    Hi, I am Peter Kim, 2017 master program student at Feinberg/Northwestern School of Medicine. I am looking for roommate. I am male, 29 and clean. I don't smoke or have a pet. I am trying to move in around May/June since my program starts in Summer quarter. Let me know if you are interested...
  5. rednote

    Weill Cornell vs Feinberg Northwestern

    Hey all. I'm incredibly lucky to have been accepted at both of these schools. Can you guys help me make the decision? Student Life, Atmosphere, Education, Curriculum, Research etc...? Cost should be around the same. Thanks a lot.