fetal surgery

  1. A

    NP or PA, working in Maternal Fetal?

    I am currently working on undergrad and interested in working in the maternal fetal medicine specialty, but unsure on which path to take, either nurse prac or physician assist. I prefer more of the autonomy I've heard that comes with NP but I've also heard that PAs are more accepted in surgical...
  2. S

    maternal-fetal medicine and fetal surgery

    ok I'm confused I am intrested in becoming some type of doctor pertaining to fetal medicine. However i know that Maternal-fetal physicans only do fetal intervention not fetal surgery and i want to be surgical. I am also intesrted in fetal surgery but i also want the be involved in treating high...
  3. S

    Confused: Maternal-fetal medicine

    how surgical is a maternal-fetal physican? I have seen maternal-fetal physician also written as maternal-fetal surgeon. Are they two diffrent things? Also how involved is a perinatologist in fetal surgery? or are they two diffrent fields ? if not can you be borded in both maternal-fetal medicine...
  4. TrooperAn

    Fetal surgery, looking for information!

    Good day all! I am a newbie on this forum, i found it while i was looking for the news in fetal surgery! I am a medical student from a country far far away and preparing work about the latest and newest surgeries that have been made in the last 3-6 years in america (or any other experienced...