maternal-fetal medicine and fetal surgery

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Sep 11, 2017
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ok I'm confused I am intrested in becoming some type of doctor pertaining to fetal medicine. However i know that Maternal-fetal physicans only do fetal intervention not fetal surgery and i want to be surgical. I am also intesrted in fetal surgery but i also want the be involved in treating high risk pregnancy as a maternal fetal physicans do.I am aware that MFM is OB/GYN and fetal surgery is pediatric surgery. I was serching if it was possible to maybe be borded in both some how. I came a across a bunch of doctors who did. So i am wondering if anyone knows how this is achiveable. I found a program that trains MFM an aditional two years in fetal surgery ... is this the path the doctors who specialize in both take? Also i found a doctor who was both a maternal-fetal physican and a neonatal surgon how is that possible? is there some type of program im unaware of or did they do training in OB/GYN for MFM and pediatric surgery as well?