1. J

    Unique Community Dynamic and Specialties

    Hello all, I have a question about different fields of medicine. I live in a small and religious community and people have been telling me that a community such as ours can be awkward for a doctor, due to needing to examine/treat patients of the opposite sex in various states of undress...
  2. akuko2

    Air Force Field Surgery

    Mobile surgical teams are critical to battlefield care What do y'all think of this article, and do you think its implications will make any appreciable impact on surgery in the Air Force?
  3. S

    Medical vs Dental pros an cons

    It has always been my dream to get into medical field until someone suggested dentistry instead. Now I'm reconsidering it and honestly I think I'm falling more towards on dental right now but I'm not so sure if that's truly my passion. I know both fields are very different and require a lot of...
  4. OT1224

    Coursework & Fieldwork Information about field works? Tips, advices, etc

    Hello, Because all OT students are required to do field works, is there any information or tips you could share? In my school, mini fieldworks I (per population/types) happens every semester (starting semester 2). The last 6 months is a big fieldwork II. How many times a week you have to do...
  5. G

    Best specialty for someone interested in diagnosis

    Hi M1 here. We recently had a chance to diagnose standardized patients. This was the first time they had let us workup a patient and turn it into a diagnosis. I found it really exciting and realized that this is why I wanted to do medical school. What are the best specialties or fields for...
  6. David513

    Distance, electric field and potential

    Hey all, Conceptually I'm missing something about how distance is related to electric field and potential. Electric field is force per unit charge and potential is force per unit charge applied over a distance. Right? Well, the force changes with distance by getting larger when objects are...