1. T

    Dental Biomaterials Fellowship (Finland)

    The Turku Clinical Biomaterials Centre ̶TCBC at the University of Turku (Finland) offers a fellowship in biomaterials science. The overall purpose of this fellowship is to increase the knowledge of biomaterials science and to prepare young researchers in this domain. TCBC's expertise is focused...
  2. Hindustani Doctor

    [HELP] Want to do post-graduation in a Nordic country

    Hello! I am an MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) doctor from India who wants to do post-graduation from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden. I completed my MBBS this year with the overall first division. I have only Indian citizenship. Please tell me what's the whole...
  3. L

    Request of Data for Medical Residency Specialization Graduation Times in Norway/Sweden/Finland?

    I am doing univariate statistical analysis of the different variables affecting the first medical residency specialization graduation times in Nordic Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland). I have already received some data from Finland authorities from the last 15 years at each universities and in...