foreign trained dentist

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    aegd/ gpr

    any idea of how early we could start applying for next cycle through PASS? AEGD or GPR programs

    AEGD/GPR Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists 2016

    As a foreign trained dentist I had to do quite a bit of research to be able to apply to all these programs. This is a list of programs I was able to find that accepted foreign graduates. Although this list is current and accurate for the application year 2016-2017, I reccomend doing your own...
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    BDS taking DAT

    I m an internationally trained dentist, and am taking the canadian DAT. Anyone in the same boat and embarking on doing the 4 years to DDS here can get in touch to compare notes. I am unsure if any people here know if the universities accept the BDS for their academic requirements or not...