foreign transcripts

  1. purplecrayon12

    Transcript Exception

    Hello everyone, I'm transferring this Fall 2020 and deciding between two FL universities. I went to Nursing school in the Philippines (3 years) but didn't finish, moved here in 2010, joined the military, got out in 2017, and my major now is Molecular & Cell Bio. UNF asked for my foreign...
  2. IvyLeagueGunnin0920

    Foreign degree, US community college, Harvard Post Bacc , Stanford Graduate

    Hi guys, this is my first post so please bear with this noob. I am concerned about my chances at a US MD school. My situation is a little messed up. I used to be an international student here in the US. I graduated from a foreign university with a horrific GPA of 2.64. I then earned an...
  3. TruthSpeaker01

    Foreign Transcripts and cGPA

    Hello guys, I am an American citizen, but my bachelors degree in Biology is from a foreign University. Because I learned that a foreign transcript (even with an evaluation) doesn't count for diddly squat, I did post-baccs for pre-reqs (again) and an SMP with a 3.9 GPA for both. My question is...