1. W

    Ph.D. or Psy.D in Forensic Psychology???

    Hi I stumbled across this website & I hope to get some advice/helpful info. So I'm interested in going to grad school & pursuing a degree in forensic psychology, but I keep going back and forth between Psy.D & Ph.D. Here's a little info about me, I'm currently Junior in college pursuing a major...
  2. O

    Should I go into forensic psychology? Is it worth it?

    Hi, I just found this website and I thought this might be the perfect place to ask some questions. I'm going into college soon and I was thinking about majoring in psychology. I was reading about all of the different psychology career paths and forensic psychology caught my interest. Correct me...
  3. Katrod19

    Seeking advice from possible Forensic Pathologists or Pathologist's assistant

    I'm currently a sophomore in College. I do this thing where I obsess over what the future holds (lol). I have always been interested in forensic pathology and planned on attending med school to become on. However, I ran across something called a Pathologist Assistant. What are the differences...
  4. M

    Which Career is this...

    Hi so I have posted something similar to this not too long ago but decided to revisit the idea. I have been doing a little research into various careers but IMO there seems to be some overlap and I can not discern between which career is my "best match". I am largely interested in the behavioral...
  5. C

    Forensic Psych Q's from PhD Candidate

    Hi all, I am a fourth year graduate student at a research focused APA-accredited clinical psychology PhD program. During my sixth year, I will begin my internship. Thus far, my clinical training and research experiences have primary been related to substance use, drug treatment, and domestic...
  6. P

    PhD/PsyD Forensic Psychology

    Hi there. I'm currently enrolled in Master's program in Forensic psychology. The field is fascinating, and the topics discussed resonate with me quite a bit. My question is: what's next? Did anyone here finish PhD in Forensic Psychology (like the one offered at UOIT, for example) or at least...
  7. F

    Stuck with my urgent essay on DNA Fingerprinting in Crime Scene. Any pointers?

    Hello Folks! Now before any of you deride me for slacking off, let me tell you, I am a very hard working student. Medicine is my passion and I love to study, but sometimes even Superman has a bad day! I recently received my essay on DNA Fingerprinting in a Crime Scene, and I am supposed to...
  8. ZappaPrez

    Wanted: SIRS-2 & RBANS

    I am looking for the SIRS-2 & RBANS (Any form, preferably A) Thank you [email protected]
  9. I

    aadsas course subject question

    Hi everyone! I am currently taking Forensic Pathology and can't decide what category it falls under; biology (pathology) or non-science (forensic science). I'm thinking non-science but not sure. Can anyone help me out?