1. jacob42

    How much pharmacology/psychopharmacology do you use/are you allowed to use as a psychiatrist?

    Considering whether I want to go into medicine. If I did, psychiatry is one of my major leanings as a speciality. I really love pharmacology and psychopharmacology—especially theorizing about things like augmentation strategies and visualizing how all these drugs interact in the brain...
  2. N

    What should I do now? (Private Undergrad To CUNY/ SUNY)

    So here's what happened? I am an underrepresented minority male who graduated '15 from a top-tier private university in the Midwest. Where I traveled/study abroad in China studying the language and taking classes. But when I returned—despite following my adviser advice and fighting for getting...
  3. S

    Freedom in the veterinary field

    Dear SDN folks, I am a sophomore Molecular Biology major at a university in Florida. I am doing well, I have a 3.80 GPA so far and am currently enrolled in Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology and Statistics. I am very interested in the field of veterinary medicine and am on track with my...