1. A

    Negotiating call schedule in contract

    I am about to sign my first job after fellowship and had a question about call frequency in the contract. I liked a job and I am in talks with the employer and am negotiating terms. They have 3 other physicians in the practice and I will be joining as the fourth. The employer says the contract...
  2. Jwkhjang

    What's the relationship btw frequency, wavelength, and temp?

    I'm currently studying wavelength and frequency and I'm writing a lab about the Effect of Temperature Change on the Tune of a pipe. I've learned about the equation v= f*Lambda. What will happen if temperature is changed? I know that speed of the sound will increase. Does it mean that wavelength...
  3. David513

    Why does helium make your voice higher?

    I thought that less dense media made sound travel more slowly, e.g. sound travels slower through water than through a solid. Why, then, would a less dense medium (helium) produce a higher pitch (i.e. faster) sound wave vs. normal air?