1. TBD PT

    Comparing CSU Schools (for the student and the spouse)

    My wife will be applying to PT schools this summer/fall for next summer/fall. We currently live in the SF Bay Area and have for some time (~12 years) but we're open to (if not in favor of) relocating for school, though we'd prefer to stay in California to keep tuition costs reasonable. Thus...
  2. J

    DAT Study Group

    I am graduating in May 2018 with my Bachelors in Biology. I am looking to see if anyone that lives in the Visalia, Tulare, Fresno, Clovis, or surrounding areas will be studying for the DAT and are interested in meeting up and prepping over the summer to take the DAT around July.
  3. R

    Declining at Fresno / Sacramento State

    Is anyone (or anyone that you know) declining or withdrawing from the waitlist at Fresno State or Sacramento State. If withdrawing, what number were you on the waitlist? Also does anyone know how many people were accepted from the waitlist at these two schools in previous years? Thanks a lot.