full tuition scholarship

  1. dinogirl99

    Vanderbilt (full tuition scholarship) vs Hopkins (~70% tuition aid)

    Hi everyone! I feel very lucky to be in a position to choose between two wonderful schools. A little background about me, I am very interested in psychiatry as well as public and community health. Both of these are about a 2 hour plane ride from my family as I’m from the Southeast. Vanderbilt...
  2. shine with me

    UCSD vs. Wayne (full-tuition)

    *Edited 4/20 with final decision: Thank you all so much for your responses and thoughts! I really appreciate it and after a ton of thought, I think I'm going to bite the financial bullet and go UCSD. Overall, I got a wonderful vibe/fit at UCSD's Second Look that was consistent with my interview...
  3. N

    Full Tuition Scholarship vs. Vocational Rehab vs. Post 9/11 GI Bill

    Hi, I will be attending a private medical school this August with a full tuition scholarship (63K) for all four years. I am also eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill and because of my service connected disability I have applied for the Vocational rehab program through the VA which, if approved...