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    WAMC: What Are My Chances

    MOD NOTE: We are now going to have one thread for all of the inquiries for competitiveness, what are my chances, do I have a shot, can I get into ABC University, etc. Most of the other SDN forums have found success with having one thread, so we are going to adopt that going forward. 1. Please...
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    Funded Clinical PHD Programs In The Northeast With Emphasis On Humanities

    Hello everyone! School: The City University of New York GRE Verbal: 160 Quantitative: 154 Writing: 4.0 GPA: 3.8 Psych GPA: 3.9 Publications: (1 being reviewed by journal, awaiting decision) few campus wide publications (probably irrelevant) Internships: 1/2 a year at a state mental health...