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  1. kenzie3115

    Is it still worth it to go to medical school?

    I recently started looking back into going to medical school after realizing that the debt of going to vet school just isn't worth it. I am currently a junior in college and am planning to take a gap year going either route, but have heard negative things about med school. Some things I worry...
  2. S

    Low self-confidence....Please help!

    I want to clarify that this isn't a pity party, and I'm asking for the truth, no matter how harsh that may be. I'm sixteen years old, I went to college two years early, which means I'm a freshman now at a local Community College. I have one class left in my high school, (Alg. II) which has been...
  3. T

    Pre-Med student in serious need for help/advice !

    I am a biology major who one day hopes to go for PA or MD. I know my circumstances are very very slim , you do not need to tell me that. I am going to a state school and following coursework for a BS in Biology. My Freshman year I took gen. chem 1+2 (B,B) , psychology(C+), bio1 (C) and...
  4. T

    Next step?

    I know everyone writes their credentials on here and I've read some really good advice but nothing like my situation. I plan on applying for med schools DO or MD for the upcoming cycle. My overall gpa is a 3.1. My practice mcat scores are in the low 500's. I know alone those stats don't seem...
  5. D

    Dental Hygienist to Dentist??

    Hello everybody, I am a sophomore in highschool who would really like to go to dental school. I am a pretty good student and am in all honors classes. I'm going to take AP bio next year along with many math classes. So my question is: is it possible for me to do dental hygiene for 4 years and...
  6. J

    M.D after earning an MPH

    Hello everyone, I am a year behind on the application cycle due to a major change from History to Human Biology after my Freshman year. Due to this I decided to apply to a number of MPH programs and am into the University of Michigan's MPH program in environmental health science starting this...
  7. flamingo1

    Advice on this plan I have to increase my low GPA?

    Hello All, I have graduated with a bachelors in cellular and molecular science, with a overall GPA of 2.68, in June of 2015. I have been lurking on this forum for a very long time now. I've gotten more tips from this forum then I have from advisors, so that's why I would like to ask you guys...