1. Mukmu

    *** The Official University of Florida Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread ***

    Don't see one for UF yet!
  2. fivemoreminutesplease

    Advertisement MCAT Tutor in Gainesville, FL (score of 524)

    Hello, I am a recent college grad with a degree in biochemistry and I am now working as an MCAT tutor. I took the new 2015 exam last September and got a 524 (100th percentile). Pretty much ever since I got my score back I have been tutoring other pre-meds in MCAT prep. I have been able to...
  3. FauxxFox

    Gainesville Living

    I'm posting this as a lot of the threads I am finding are a bit older. I've been accepted to UFCVM and am wondering of some good apartments/places to live in the area relatively close to the veterinary school that are also pretty quiet. I know some complexes have more graduate students rather...