1. Y

    math destroyer test 1 #10

    question presents a circle in a circle (two circle sharing a common center). The inner circle radius = x inches. outer circle width = 6 inches. Find the expression that represents the area of the walkway in square inches. (area of inner circle + area of outer circle) - (area of inner circle) =...
  2. S

    Has geometry/trig really been removed from the OAT?

    I was reading posts from earlier this year in both the dental and optometry forums and people claim to have come across geometry/trig on their exam, despite ADA saying they removed it. But when I read later posts like from this summer, people say they didn't come across any. For those of you...
  3. Froot4Lyfe

    HS Freshman Year Questions

    Ok, so I start off my freshman year next week, and I have 3 very important questions. -First, will colleges look at freshman grades? I've looked online, and some people say that it depends on what college you plan on applying to, and others say no colleges ever look into your freshman year. Is...