george fox university

  1. N

    George Fox University DPT

    Hey..I have interview at GFU this week? Did anyone else had an interview there or willing to interview Any tips on what will the interview will be like? Thanks
  2. P

    GFU Fall 2016 Application Cycle

    Here are my stats. I'm wondering if I should apply to more programs. What do you guys/gals think? The schools I applied to are my top choices. I thought that other students who have applied to GFU this year could post their stats too. Undergrad: UC Davis Undergraduate Major: Biological Sciences...
  3. Snaildog

    George Fox University

    Hello everyone, I recently got accepted into GFU and am really considering attending the program. There is little information online/from others that I can find. Since I interviewed with them I got a mild feel for what the program would be like. I wanted to know how everyone else felt about the...