1. N

    What the reason for the pattern of vision loss in glaucoma? Why is start out peripherally?

    I was wondering why vision loss occur peripherally first in glaucoma. Is there an anatomical/structural reason for why peripheral vision is affected earlier by high intra-ocular pressure?
  2. M3HopingForAnswers

    Questions on the medical side of ophthalmology and career

    Hey all! Planning on applying ophtho in '21-'22, but I'm without a home program at a mid-to-low tier school in the southeast. It's been hard to spend much time outside of a few days shadowing here and there, especially with the pandemic. So I figured to bring a few questions to the table here...
  3. C

    gonio lens for sale

    looking to purchase a used gonio lens in good condition. PM me please!
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  5. Z

    Ophthalmology Pre-residency research fellowship position for 2020-2021

    Hello everyone, Another year’s match has come and gone. Everyone should be proud of your achievements so far, regardless of outcomes. For those who may not have a plan set up for next year, we would like you to know about a great opportunity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill...
  6. PhysicianRec

    UMass is hiring: Academic Glaucoma Specialist

    My name is Adriana Dietlin, one of UMass Memorial Medical Group's In-House Physician Recruiters. Here at UMass, we are always looking to network, recruit and directly hire Physicians from all specialties. Below is one of our current openings within the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual...
  7. emgy

    Glaucoma Fellowship Application (apply 2018, start 2019)

    Anyone else out there applying to glaucoma fellowship? I thought I would start a thread. It is hard to know a ton about each program so if anyone has anything to add/share please do! Bascom Palmer Palm Beach (email 9/7) Interview Date: Nov 9 Boston (email 8/25) Interview Dates Sept 29, Oct 20...
  8. G

    Glaucoma and Advanced Anterior Segment Surgery Fellowship at WashU in St. Louis

    In the last several years, glaucoma fellowships have become much more popular. Much of this attributable to the rapid pace of innovation of surgical procedures and devices (MIGS/etc) in the management of glaucoma. Traditional glaucoma fellowships were tube/trab heavy +/- phaco. Today there is a...
  9. S

    In glaucoma, should we focus more on educating the family members?

    in some ways, some of the senior patients are like pediatric patients. perhaps, we can focus more on educating the family members/ geriatric providers/ nursing homes to better manage glaucoma for these patients.