going back

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    What are my chances? Is it still possible?

    Only been in undergraduate for one semester (or two including one class over the summer). Spring semester my grades were C, C, C, and D (ahole professor whose online website crashed and didn't submit my final assignment. She had no sympathy, moved it from an F to a D) and over the summer, I...
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    I think I messed everything up

    I was motivated, extremely passionate, on a "this is my dream and it's the only thing I truly want" level. I obsessed over it. But when college came, depression hit in a sneaky way, and I messed up my first two semesters. Spring semester all C's, and one D (was supposed to be a B but the online...
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    starting over need advice!

    i dont want to bore any one of you on my long story but i need advice on how to start over again. after highschool i went to a private arts college for 3 years and never finished.b( i had a lot of life changes during that time so i never took school seriously and also had to abruptly quit do to...