1. jcorpsmanMD

    Pathoma v. Goljan RR or both

    Hi all, Simple question that I am trying to figure out but would appreciate the lovely SDN communities advice on. I have pathoma (my school gave it to us), and I am starting organ systems next block. I'll be using FA 2018, Pathoma, B&B, and USMLErx. Is it worth having Goljan RR to get a more...
  2. desi0chick

    Selling MS1/MS2 books (Goljan, Costanzo Physio and much more)

    Hey guys, current MS3 selling the following books all in good condition with probably some underlining, but that's about it. (I have images for each book but could only attach 4 here for some reason, pm me if you wanna see the cover of the actual book). Goljan Rapid Review pathology: $30...
  3. A

    Step 1 Prep and Resources

    Hey Guys, I'm about to start my preparation for Step 1 and was wondering which resources I should be using to benefit the most out of. For starters, I'm not a fan of reading and studying so I think I do better with videos and/or pictures and flow charts. So what are the materials I should...
  4. Champagne_Tap

    Goljan Resources

    How do Goljan's resources for STEP 2 CK compare to the ones for STEP 1? I used them for STEP 1 and thought they were masterful, but haven't seen the Goljan name-drop as much on the STEP 2 forums.