Selling MS1/MS2 books (Goljan, Costanzo Physio and much more)


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Sep 6, 2009
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Hey guys, current MS3 selling the following books all in good condition with probably some underlining, but that's about it. (I have images for each book but could only attach 4 here for some reason, pm me if you wanna see the cover of the actual book).

Goljan Rapid Review pathology: $30 (amazing condition)
BRS Gross anatomy $15
ICT Neuroanatomy atlas: $30
BRS Physiology: $15
Haines Neuroanatomy atlas: $15
Grays Anatomy question book: $15
The Human Brain by Nolte: $25
The Human Brain by Nolte in Photographs & Diagrams atlas: $20
Junqueira's basic histology: $30
Costanzo Physiology: $30

If you're willing to buy them all, you can have all for 100 bucks-would accept payment through paypal. I've attached images of the books as well. Just trying to get rid of these honestly, PM me with any questions, thanks!

IMG_9564 2.JPG IMG_4065 2.JPG IMG_7302 2.JPG IMG_3315 2.JPG
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