grade conversion

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    Grade Conversion for Canadian Transcript

    Hi! First time posting here! I attended University of Toronto in Canada and am applying to MD/DO schools. Is there a grade conversion scale for DO schools? I know for AAMC says there is an grade conversion (I can't include links since I'm new) lol The one similar to my school is #85. I was...
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    Optometry Grade Repeat confusion

    Hey! I had a question that I tried looking for but can't seem to find an answer for it. So basically I got a D in physics in my local community college, then Transferred to a university and got a B+ in physics. The D is really hurting my GPA so I was thinking about retaking it at that community...
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    UK Grade Conversion

    Hi everyone! I'm actually applying from Canada but I haven't been able to find a Canadian forum with as much vet school info, so this site has been a great resource! I'm applying to Edinburgh this year and I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding grade conversion. Grades here are a...