grade review

  1. S

    How much of an increase in gpa should i expect from a post bach program?

    (current junior) Unfortunately most of my math science courses were during my first 1.5 years of college when I had a parathyroid tumor which affected my ability to study, exhausted all the time, felt bad, etc. Once i had the tumor removed, I felt great and I'm doing better in my courses. So I...
  2. R

    Optometry Grade Repeat confusion

    Hey! I had a question that I tried looking for but can't seem to find an answer for it. So basically I got a D in physics in my local community college, then Transferred to a university and got a B+ in physics. The D is really hurting my GPA so I was thinking about retaking it at that community...
  3. rawrsy

    Grade reviews and re-evaluations

    Hello all. I'm posting here on behalf of my husband, a medical student entering his fourth year. I've used this forum and similar ones before to get insight and advice.. and am posting now bc I def feel I could use some insight from current students and MDs. My husband recently went through...