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  1. S

    Anyone with a lot of retaken classes?

    hey guys! So reading posts on here has been super helpful in calming my nerves about applying but I’m just wondering if anyone else has retaken a lot of classes? I kept retaking the same classes over and over again and my transcript isn’t the prettiest. But to somehow balance that I scored...
  2. S

    High OAT, low gpa chances

    hey guys! I was looking for some advice on my standing. Stats: both cumulative and science around 3.0 OAT: 380 Optometric tech for a year(still currently working) Shadowed at 5 locations. My biggest worry is my gpa and grade trends. My grade trends aren’t so great. My very last semester was...
  3. E

    What do optometry schools look for when screening you for interviews?

    Hey guys! Does anyone know what schools look at when screening candidates for interviews? Is it just GPA’s and OAT scores? My situation is that I don’t have a consistent grade trend. Some semesters I did well and others I didn’t. I also have some D’s and F’s that I’ve retaken a little too...
  4. MBPB

    Schools that Emphasize GRE / Grade Trend

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on schools to apply to. I was a previous engineering major and kind of overloaded myself on prereqs early on and screwed up my GPA a bit. I think my GRE and grade trend are something I can emphasize so I want to target schools that...
  5. S

    Upward GPA trend! But I have a few questions (sorry if this is long-winded).

    Hi all, I'm finishing up my undergrad at a mid-level private college in MA (majoring in molecular biology). I had ~2.65 GPA up until I transferred from a business college my sophomore year. Now my cumulative is looking to be around 3.45 with a slightly higher science GPA than that (~3.7). I'm...
  6. R

    Weight of an upward grade trend