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    GradPlus Loan Advice/Recommendation Needed

    Looking to get some perspective on a GradPlus loan I'm thinking of taking out this year. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Normally, I only borrow only what I need. This year, due to the new lower 5.3% interest rate compared to last year's 7.08%, I was hoping to take out the maximum...
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    Not enough money from GradPlus

    I have a situation and need someone who knows or has been through it. I am leaving IL to go to school in TN. My husband and our daughter are staying behind for her final senior year of high school. We have a mortgage and lots of debt plus car payments, utilities, etc. I am losing my entire...
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    What are your options for gradPLUS loans if you have bankruptcy or defaulted?

    I'm looking to get into medical school and take on loans in the near future. A bad business transaction is likely to lead to bankruptcy or a default judgement. I looked at the gradPLUS requirements (here) and they assert that adverse credit like bankruptcy or default judgement makes you...
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    Advice about medical student loans?

    Hello! I'm seeking some objective third-party advice about the amount of student loan I should take. I'm very happy and blessed to say that I will be attending medical school this coming Fall :). That being said, I'm unsure of what I should do financially. Here's the situation: I've been...
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    Is there an income requirement for a GradPLUS endorser/cosigner?

    What are the requirements to be an endorser. Is it only just to not have an adverse credit history? I'm wondering if my brother (who is a Freshman in college) cosign for me? He doesn't exactly have any income or anything. But he doesn't have an adverse credit.
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    Can a gradplus cosigner have no credit and no income?

    I would be unable to get gradplus loans for med schools as I do have an adverse credit history due to a chapter 7 bankruptcy from a prior poor financial decision. But, I know that my options for getting gradplus include either waiting 5+ years and then reapplying to medical school or getting a...