graduate intern

  1. P

    Walgreens graduate intern offer - then what!?

    Hi everyone! I received a pharmacy graduate intern offer from Walgreens in Dec 2017. The hiring DM called me and provided information, I recieved a generic email from the company offering the job and minor details about it and accepted through the link on the email. Fast forward to now, since...
  2. A

    Intern Hours After Graduation

    I am a pharmacy student in GA. I graduate this May. Due to many uncontrollable circumstances and an extremely saturated job market (2 pharmacy schools 20 minutes apart from each other), I was not able to complete any intern hours during school. If you want the story, I can give it to you but...
  3. rxboy1996

    Moving Up in Walgreens Pharmacy

    Could someone define the differences between Pharmacy intern, graduate intern, and pharmacy technician at walgreens? I currently work as a pharmacy technician at WAG. However is a pharmacy intern while in PharmD school only done during the summer or is that your title the whole time. Would I...
  4. C

    Walmart Grad Intern offers class of 2016

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to start a thread on Graduate Intern offers for those graduating with their PharmD's in 2016. I'm currently a pre-graduate intern for Walmart for approximately a year and Walmart just sent out graduate intern offers a few days ago and I just wanted to inquire about...