Walgreens graduate intern offer - then what!?

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Feb 26, 2018
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Hi everyone! I received a pharmacy graduate intern offer from Walgreens in Dec 2017. The hiring DM called me and provided information, I recieved a generic email from the company offering the job and minor details about it and accepted through the link on the email. Fast forward to now, since I’m moving out of state (by choice) to an area I’m not very familiar with yet, I emailed the DM to ask if he has any suggestions on where to live..two weeks later, I still have not received an answer from him..he had always answered previous emails prior to accepting the offer within 2-3 days..then I checked the Walgreens job portal and it still has my status as “under offer”.. I do not currently work for Walgreens and when I reached out to local stores in Dec, after accepting the grad intern offer, asking if they would hire me to start training (I know this is what CVS did with several friends) they said they couldn’t do that since they would train me just to have me leave in a few months.. should I be concerned that my status still says “under offer” (and that the DM hasn’t answered my email) or is this a formality until graduation gets closer? Does anyone else have similar experiences with Walgreens? Thanks in advance!!

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