group practice

  1. cl24uw06

    Seeking New Dentists in Washington State

    I am seeking highly motivated new or recent dental graduates to join our group practices. Average dentist income in our practices is over 300k per year with the potential of over 1 million on a three day work week. We have establish a proven system to generate patient flow and keep office...
  2. Wynnn

    Looking to form an online study group!

    Hey guys! I am going into my third year in the pharmacy program and would like to find others to start a weekly casual study session to prepare for the NAPLEX. I am super nervous about it and would like to start prepping if anyone wants to join me! Please let me know and we could exchange...
  3. C

    Optometrist working with Ophthalmologists -- Risks of being in Optometry

    Hi, I'm 27 and currently working in ophthalmic oncology as a technician. Recently I have been pondering the idea of going back to school and pursuing optometry. I'm not interested in performing surgeries but am interested in helping people manage their vision. Ideally, I would like to help...
  4. L

    Office space for rent for Psychiatrist(s) in future group practice (NC)

    Looking for a Psychiatrist to share group office space either part-time or full-time. This could also be an opportunity for several Psychiatrists (and/or PA, Psychiatric RN) to share the space during alternating times to make this more cost efficient. Would love for a provider to enjoy the...
  5. L

    LPC requesting feedback from community re: Private Practice

    Hello all, I am very interested in feedback from Psychiatry med students and Psychiatrists practicing in various settings (Private Practice, Hospitals, etc.) regarding some research for a future Private Practice (Fall 2016). First off, I am a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor in the...