1. Akam ahz

    gingival tone

    Hello, In my oral physiology book, I came across this passage: "Too large convexity in facial and lingual contours provides too much protection to gingiva and gingiva will lose its tone." The protection here refers to deflection of food away during mastication. But I find difficulty understand...
  2. L

    Weird pain at the back of mouth + hives

    I extracted my top two wisdom teeth about three weeks ago and everything was ok, the dentist removed the sutures but about a week ago, there has been pain in the area at the back of my mouth when I drink water and chew food and yawn. And two days ago, I started to have hives on my neck and chest...
  3. S

    QUICK QUESTION!! Can I (quietly) chew gum during the exam?

    I know I won't bother anybody, but I don't it to be counted as a "snack" and then get in trouble for it.