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  1. lodo.owl

    Why So Much "Hate" Against RVU on SDN?

    Pre-Med, GPA 3.9 (Freshman though, so, doesn't mean much), RVU CO & NYIT Westbury are my two top interests as of right now. Noticed that I've barely seen any threads about NYIT, and RVU threads are overwhelmingly almost always negative? (Not LECOM level, but nonetheless...) I'm assuming this is...
  2. A

    Leaving DPT to pursue Masters?

    Hey everyone, So I know that this topic has been covered in some form or fashion hundreds of times, but perhaps I am adding a new spin on it. I am currently a first-year student (second semester) DPT student. To get straight to the point, I am considering leaving DPT to pursue a master's in...
  3. aspiringMD585

    How come OBGYN isn't receiving any love?

    Hello, I don't understand why everyone looks down on being and OBGYN, where is all of this animosity coming from? For example, I've been interested in becoming an OBGYN ever since I was a child and throughout the years whenever I would tell people that I want to be an OB, the remarks are just...
  4. H

    Yup, another unhappy fellow thread...

    Hello all, I wanted to post my current situation and get some thoughts on it... I am currently a fresh new fellow in a competitive specialty but not in a competitive program... The problem with my program is that there are no patients... Hospital is apparently having some issues and not filling...