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    Edit: Do any current/former students, admins, or admitted applicants have any pros, cons, or experiences to add? Hi all, I have been lucky enough to be accepted to a few of my top choice DO schools and need help choosing between RVU-CO and OUHCOM-Athens. Both schools cost about the same over...
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    ou-hcom-ohio vs edward via-virginia

    I have lots of interest in attending both schools. They both seemed very similar and I am having a hard time choosing between the two. -Tuition is not much of a factor because ohio U increases their tuition for years 3 and 4 making it only negligibly cheaper overall. -I like the location of...
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    WesternU COMP vs OUHCOM

    Hi guys! I know there are tons of forums comparing schools to Western COMP but I had trouble finding ones comparing HCOM. So I wanted everyone's thoughts on these two schools that I have been accepted to and maybe help me make a pros and cons list? I am from Ohio so the practicing requirment...
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    Was recently accepted to OU and I am interviewing at NEOMED. I already know that neomed is mainly for six bs/md people but what are the other differences between the schools for comparison? I am interested in rural medicine so both feel like a good fit.