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    Early Decision "I heard back" Thread 2017-2018

    Hello all! I'm posting this here to help others who are anxiously checking their phone, email, etc for a response from their ED school! A few of us have heard back already, a lot of us should hear soon, and unfortunately many of us will hear back at the deadline. Post here when you hear back...
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    How long does it take to hear back after a post-december interview?

    Hi guys! I recently just had my interview at the University of Maryland and was wondering if anyone from experience/if they know somehow how long it usually it takes to hear back from them after a post-December interview??? Thank you!
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    When will I hear back?

    I have finished my secondary applications to about 10 medical schools during the summer. I got one rejection and one interview. I went to the interview and got rejected. It is December. When will I hear back from the other schools?
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    Timeline hearing back from schools?

    I just submitted my AMCAS application. When should I expect to hear back from medical schools regarding secondary applications? Also, when should I expect to hear back after submitting secondary applications for interviews? When should I expect to hear back after interviews whether or not I got in?