1. T

    Other OT-Related Information Med School BF looking for Christmas Gift for OT GF

    Hello, My girlfriend has completed fieldwork and will start her career soon as an occupational therapist. For us, when going on rotations or starting residency, there are certain things (equipment, pocket guides, etc) that other recommend getting when you start. Are there some things that an...
  2. MeVamp

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study

    The MeVamp Protocol: A Low-Stress Organizational Framework for MCAT Self-Study How long should I study for the MCAT? There are way too many variables at play to definitively answer this question. However, 480 hours of sincere effort seems to be the minimum amount of time to consistently...
  3. doe_eyed

    NAPLEX studying - love slides? Try this combo that isn't titled "RxPrep is awesome"

    DISCLAIMER: I have not retaken NAPLEX yet, so this is just how I feel thus far. I will obviously comment at a later date with a score update. I believe my problem stems from applying information and connecting the dots. Classes at my college were taught higgledy-piggledy. Monday- PMS...
  4. M

    Advertisement Get 1st & 2nd Yr Live Online MD Coaching to help keep you in & finish successfully.

    Some of us were using forums like this not so long ago, now at Med Noobs we're a team of MDs who wish we had a service like ours to help us through medical school. We provide affordable 1-on-1 live video MD Coaching, analyze your study habits, help provide a solid study structure and assist with...
  5. M

    Feb 20, 2016 Canadian DAT Group Discussion

    Hey, I am taking the Canadian DAT for the first time in Feb. Any insight or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated :):)
  6. SFcareerchangepreOT

    General Admissions & OTCAS Great resource for online prerequisites

    I wish I had found this a few months ago. Samuel Merritt posts a great list of reliable distance learning (online) college classes to meet their requirements... and the classes will likely meet requirements of other universities as well. Just thought I'd share :-)...