1. Akam ahz

    Hemoglobin as a buffer

    I came across this passage in my text book, it says: "Hemoglobin is an important buffer. It has 6 times more buffering power than plasma proteins. Therefore, it can buffer H+ inside RBCs (They are formed during CO2 Transport) and can carry CO2 with minimal change in pH. Hemoglobin carrying CO2...
  2. Akam ahz

    Hemoglobin and Red Blood Corpuscles

    Hi, My physiology book says that The count of RBCs in newborn infants is higher than that of the adults. Also, the Hb% in newborns is 19 g/dl while in adults is 15-16 g/dl. I don't understand the reason why children have to have much more RBCs and Hemoglobin than adults, so an explanation...
  3. D

    2,3 BPG and lung oxygen saturation

    Hi! I had two questions: 1- 2,3 BPG allosterically binds to Hemoglobin changing it to its T state so it has lower affinity for oxygen. I am confused on how the percent saturation of oxygen in the lungs is still able to reach 100% if Hb cannot bind to oxygen as readily? 2- Since fetal...
  4. neva525

    Why is there a difference between hemoglobin levels in men and women?

    That is, why do men have higher hemoglobin levels in comparison to women? What could be the reason for that? It's really important, thank you.
  5. L

    Oxygen Content in Anemia

    In anemia where hemoglobin content decreases and therefore oxygen capacity decreases, how does the oxygen CONTENT change? Is total oxygen in the blood still at the same level as it would be if there were no anemia? (in which case my assumption would be that the oxygen that would be bound to...