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  1. M

    Appropriate topic for diversity secondary?

    Hi all- I'm from a rural community in the Northeast. (meaning rural, but not to the extreme of locations in the midwest per se). This was my idea for a diversity secondary and I would appreciate any feedback: -I want to talk about coming from a rural area and a public school system where...
  2. D

    MD & DO High school Grades Dragging me down?

  3. amdhaliw

    Other Nonprofit Organization Jump Start Med Ed

    Hi! I thought I might post this here in case students are interested in joining our student org/med ed program. The program runs online over the summer and covers some of the science-part of medicine along with the "holistic" part. We have run two pilot course as a medical school and want to...
  4. L

    Is it possible to become a surgeon after military service?

    I'm sure this question has been posted before but I have a few questions to go along with this that I'd like directly answered. I've wanted to go to medical school since I was in 7th grade to become a surgeon. Unfortunately, I didn't really have the support system to back my dream (my parents...