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  1. MCAT Self Prep

    MCAT MCAT Tip: How to Get a High MCAT Score – My 99th Percentile MCAT Score

    Hi. My name is Andrew George, a 99th percentile MCAT tutor, a 4.0 university student, and the founder and CEO of MCAT Self Prep, the creators of the Free MCAT Prep Course. I am excited to tell you how I was able to score in the 99th percentile on the MCAT without spending thousands on a test...
  2. hubbsbubbs

    My Study Plan for MCAT: 523

    Hi All, I just got my score back today, got 523 (131/130/130/132) 100th percentile This was my second try. Last time I got 512 (128/127/126/131) 87th percentile I wouldn't recommend retaking anything above a 510 unless you are extremely confident you can score higher (I was sick during my...
  3. M

    One Week Before DAT HELP PLS

    Hello everyone! So I have one week before my DAT and these are my practice test scores so far: Bio: 17 Chem: 19 Orgo: 19 Reading: 23 QR: 20 PAT: 17 ****EDIT: These scores are from the 2007 DAT exam. I have been using DAT Destroyer and DAT bootcamp. I am really disappointed with my practice...
  4. J


    Just finished up my round of step 1 exams and had pretty good results. Felt like I could help those of you about to begin your journey by offering some tips, as well as by answering any other questions I fail to address in my original post. Resources: Pathoma, Sketchy Micro, First Aid 2016...