high sgpa

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    Letter of Intention?

    So I submitted my primary late October and most of my secondaries already (LECOM, NYCOM, WVSOM, VCOM, OSUCOM) in early November (2nd-10th) and am planning to submit a few more (both ATSU SOMA/Kirksville, Burrell, maybe 1 or 2 others) and am wondering if I should bother sending a LOI on the...
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    Need Advise (low cGPA, high sGPA, high MCAT)

    Hey guys. First time poster and looking for some realistic advise. I'm a non-trad Canadian applicant. Did a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting in 2012 and hated it. Low GPA (around 3.0). After much shadowing and lots of research of career in medicine, I have decided to pursue medicine. Now that I...
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    2.90 cGPA, 3.85 sGPA and 520 MCAT

    Up until around late Junior Year of undergrad I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. I took a lot of dual credit hours in High School (+30), and even though I never failed, I "earned" plenty of C's and even a D. Unfortunately, this trend continued until late Junior Year. Over one particular...