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    basicity of amino acids

    I was wondering why histidine < lysine < arginine are in this order of increasing basicity, if histidine has a more stable conjugate acid (protonated form) due to resonance?
  2. You're My Boy Blue

    Histidine Properties According to the AAMC

    Hi all, I have noted some inconsistencies about the properties of Histidine in my Kaplan study review. I was wondering if anyone had information that the AAMC would use themselves. I learned that histidine is considered a basic amino acid in graduate biochem, Kaplan agrees and disagrees...
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    Why Histidine is triprotic under biological condition?

    what would be the correct choice? Under most biological conditions, however, histidine is considered to be a triprotic acid. This is due to the pKa of the _________ . A. Other nitrogen in the imidazole ring, that possesses a hydrogen but no charge being much lower than the pH values normally...