1. C

    CASE #1 - HIV Transfusion to hospitalized patient

    A hospitalized patient with Pseudomonas aeruginosa (a gram-negative and extracellular bacteria), gets contaminated by the HIV virus during a blood transfusion process. What would be the consequences for this patient?
  2. G

    Is it illegal for a positive STD/HIV lab test to be published online prior to physician approval?

    If so, can you please provide resources proving that this is illegal or highly immoral. For example, a positive HIV test would go to a online patient portal prior to having the doctor speak with the patient. Thanks!
  3. rhcarolina

    HAART on CCS

    Hi all, I've been doing the UWORLD CCS cases and noticed that they only seem to have tenofovir and efavirenz for HIV medications. Maybe I'm missing one of the standard treatments (I've been in path for the past 1.5 years). What should we order for HAART? Thanks!