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  1. D

    How does owning a house affect financial aid (Scholarships and Grants)???

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site, but a little bit about myself. I'm a recent graduate who will be applying during the 2021 Cycle (Starting med-school 2022). My major question pertains to having a house in my name when filling out the FAFSA. After some research, it is my understanding that...
  2. P

    Physician Loans for Pharmacists (recommendations and advice)

    I am looking to buy a home and recently learned of physician home loans that are open to PharmDs. Not all providers of this loan type are open to pharmacists - most are restricted to MDs, DOs, DMDs, DPMs, and veterinarians. I was wondering if anyone had advice on lenders that provided this...

    Metro-Detroit Master Home Buying Seminar

    ****Attention Michigan Physicians**** Are you an attending or resident physician in a Michigan hospital? Do you have student debt and have been told you do not qualify or having trouble qualifying for a mortgage? Not sure who the right real estate or insurance agent is to get the job done for...
  4. Lifelong_Learner

    Debt-Free Doctor. What should I put my money towards instead?

    Hi all, I have been thinking about this for such a long time, but I didn't know who to reach out to. Background: I am a Kauffman Scholar, as well as an awardee of several other scholarships. Kauffman Scholars, Inc is a scholarship program built to give underprivileged urban Greater Kansas...
  5. Dr.Mortgage

    Advertisement 100% Mortgage Financing for Doctors up to a 1mm Loan Amount!

    Cadence Bank offers an Early Professional Loan that goes up to 1 million dollars financed with 0% down and NO MORTGAGE INSURANCE for Dr's less than 5 years out of Fellowship or Residency! We can also close a month before your first paycheck comes in, giving you and your possible partner to live...

    Renting Henry Ford Housing

    We are a family owned and operated full service real estate and property management company. My sister and I are licensed Realtors who work with our father as our Broker. We own apartments that are actually directly next door to our office in Harper Woods, approximately 10 miles from the Henry...
  7. germindian123

    Doctor Loan Mortgage Programs

    Hey guys I posted on this huge thread but I figured I could also just start a new one since it is so old https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/doctor-loan-physician-loan-programs.385616/page-15 Anyways, I'll be purchasing a home this coming summer and have been looking into the doctor loan...
  8. Dr.Mortgage

    Home Affordability in relation to interest rate/ home pricing increases

    There is a lot of discussion about the interest rates being raised by the feds and how it will affect home affordability. This increase in rates is truly a great discussions to have, but interest rates are only half the equation when it comes to being able to afford a home. The other half of the...